I work across a range of media. Using visuals and sound that draw upon video games, cartoons and the internet I have looked at ideas around feminism, capitalism, speculative digital utopias and the condition of being a millennial.

I was born the same year as the public release of the internet. As a digital native, fantasy was always close and the classic characters of the 90s and 2000s have given way to the avatars and social media personae of today. My output is the result of a ravenous consumption of media, from the high polish of MTV; the jagged polygons of early PlayStation games; YouTube videos, and the lo-fi social media posts of my online contacts. Gloss and superficiality meet anti-capitalist critique, anxiety and a quest for a pleasurable life. I look into how the internet is used as a tool of expression, including ideas around agency both of the individual and of digital material. I contribute to the circulation of digital matter in all its excess, colour, glamour and repugnance: sometimes rapid-fire, sometimes a shifting, translucent dreamscape. I consider how the blurring between human and machine is changing experiences of womanhood, and how becoming cyborg is both a fantasy and reality, the future and the present.


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MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts, 2018 - 2020

BA Fine Art, Birmingham School of Art, 2010 - 2013

Solo and DUO SHOWS

Selected group shows


  • Screening/panel conversation "Online Social Networks As Medium", mac, Birmingham, UK


  • Frank Bowling Scholarship, University of the Arts London​                     

  • Fierce FWD bursary

  • Fierce FWD microbursary                  

  • ESP Graduate Bursary